Miyeok Guk

I just came back to Hong Kong from a 5-day trip to Seoul. When I was shopping in Gwangjang Market, I saw a lot of dried Miyeok so I brought a pack of miyeok back home~ This Honghap Miyeokguk is very healthy since I don’t need to put any red meat in it. I made it for breakfast today and ate it with rice. Thanks Maangchi for the recipe~

The recipe for Honghap Miyeokguk (Korean seaweed and mussel soup: 홍합미역국) is here!

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  1. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    I can imagine how excited you were when you were in the market in Korea.
    Great to bring some dried miyeok! I love honghap miyeokguk, I should make some today! I’m inspired by your soup and what you are saying. : )

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