Mulnaengmyeon from scratch

Mulnaengmyeon from scratch

It’s my first time making it completely from scratch! The ingredients aren’t hard to find at all.

The recipe for Mul-naengmyeon is here!


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    Here is my original comment on the mul-naengmyeon recipe page, in case anyone wants to know the substitutes:

    Hello Maangchi and anyone else who’s reading this!

    I found a substitute for the noodles if you can’t find it where you live: white rice noodles! Soak it in boiling water for a minute or two and don’t cook it, just keep checking until you feel like the texture is right. Then rinse with cold water and add ice. That’s it!

    I also have a broth substitute: water, salt, sugar, black vinegar, fish sauce, beef/chicken stock and kimchi juice! Of course it doesn’t taste as good but it’s an easy replacement. Hope it helps!

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    It looks mild, cold, and very refreshing! Yum!

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