sukju oi namul (Mung bean sprout and cucumber side dish)

This is a side dish I make really often, I appreciate it even more with a spicy dish, it balances the hot sensation.
Sometimes I like to rince the salted cucumber and to season the sukju oi namul witl fish sauce, sometimes with salt just like in Maangchi’s recipe.
Anyway it’s always delicious, simple, good, refreshing and beautifull.

The recipe for sukju oi namul – mungbean sprouts and cucumber is here!


  1. Nayko france joined 10/18 & has 34 comments

    Right, it is! Their flavors and textures are a happy weddind!
    Crispy, cool and fresh… somehow like you Maangchi ;)

  2. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    I’m so happy you make this side dish very often even though the video is very old! Yes, the flavor of cucumber and mung bean sprouts really go well together, Right?

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