My First Emergency Kimchi!

Okay, now to start of, I want to let people know that this recipe rocks. On the other hand, I did a lot of risks that you shouldn’t do. Lucky me, my Kimchi ended up being awesome!

I used: Nappa and regular cabbage cos I was so afraid of the extra space on top lol, I didn’t know the kimchi would make its own juices. I also used a whole carrot but shaved thinly using a peeler. Mmmmm! Carrot saved me here, really cos I was afraid since I used a little more fish sauce. I also added a little more sugar cos that’s how I like it. :) The pepper I used where hot pepper flakes with seeds mixed with red chili powder.

I fermented it for one day at room temp and put it on the fridge the next day. After 2.5 days, it’s already good! I guess because this is a tropical Asian country I live in :)

The recipe for Emergency kimchi Yangbaechu-kimchi 양배추김치 is here!

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