Hot summer

coldnoodles1If you’re visiting my website for the first time, you might be wondering which recipe to start with. There are now more than 50 recipes here and the number is increasing as time passes.

So I decided to create this “Maangchi’s picks” section. Keep your eye on this spot for my choices – they depend on season, availability of seasonal ingredients, and my mood! :) We can focus on these recipes.

It’s hot summer, so this time I’ll pick something cool: why don’t you try making cold cucumber soup, young summer radish water kimchi or cold naengmyeon?


  1. Allison& has 2 comments

    Thank you so much! I love the cold cucumber soup. Do you have directions for making korean pickle? i think it is called oiji? I think it probably is very simple.. but I am not sure how to make it exactly…

    I love your site. Thank you for delicious recipes!

  2. josh& has 28 comments

    ooh thanks for having this up maangchi!
    it is sooo hot in seattle right now and i think im gonna make 오이 냉국 and eat it with icecream! :]

    can’t wait for your other picks! ^^

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