hobakjukIf you’re visiting my website for the first time, you might be wondering which recipe to start with. There are almost 60 recipes here and the number is increasing as time passes.

So I decided to create this “Maangchi’s picks” section. Keep your eye on this spot for my choices – they depend on season, availability of seasonal ingredients, and my mood! :) We can focus on these recipes.

Fall has come right before us and pumpkins are everywhere. So I pick hobakjuk (butternut squash porridge) which is super-easy to make.

We also need something hot and spicy to make our bodies warm. For that we can make jjampong noodle soup

And no matter the season, we should always have mandu (dumplings) in the freezer. We can use it for warm soup, and it makes us feel comfortable to know that we have a lot of it waiting for us.



  1. Hello!

    Today I made Mandu soup! It was so warming and delicious on this cool day! I will try butternut squash porridge next… Yum!

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