Shaved ice with sweet red beans and fruit

Patbingsu 팥빙수

Patbingsu is one of the most  popular summer desserts or snacks in Korea. It looks like a huge snow mountain in a bowl decorated with colorful fruits, sweet red beans and rice cake pieces and sweet creamy condensed milk. If you feel exhausted from the heat in the summer, make this. You’ll feel energetic again and your body temperature will cool down. Add your favorite toppings to your patbingsu: fruit, jelly, rice cake pieces, roasted grain powder, ice cream, sweetened condensed milk…

Make your own style of homemade patbingsu and enjoy your summer!


I used to make patbingsu for my children when they were young. On a hot summer afternoon, when they came home from school, I would wait  for them with patbingsu ingredients. Once they came home, “Patbingsu is ready! Wash your hands and come back to the table! Meanwhile I’m shaving the ice!” I was very happy when I saw their excitement.

In this video, I’m at Google in NYC to attend YouTube Creators Camp. I was supposed to make 1 video during the camp, so I thought patbingsu was a good choice because it’s seasonal, refreshing, delicious, and easy to make if I prepare the sweet red beans in advance. I prepared patbingsu for 100 people.

I made 2 buckets of sweet red bean to serve 100 people

Just before people come to taste the patbingsu, intense moment

Add shaved ice!

Here is the recipe for a much smaller portion. Enjoy the recipe!


Red beans (adzuki beans), sugar, vanilla, kosher salt, shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk, rice cake, strawberries, banana, and kiwi.

I bought this reasonably priced electric ice shaver on Amazon. It’s quite simple and easy to use. If you are living in USA, you can get it delivered to your home.

my ice shaver – you can buy it on Amazon

Directions for 4 servings

Make sweet red beans:

  1. Rinse and strain 1 cup of red beans and place them in a thick-bottomed pot.
    1 cup of dried red beans will make a little more than 2 cups of sweet red beans. Each serving of patbingsu needs ½ cup of sweet red beans.
  2. Add 4 cups of water. Cover the pot and bring to a boil over low heat for 10 minutes.
  3. Lower the heat to simmer for 1 hour.
  4. Open the lid and check if the beans are cooked well or not. The beans should be crushed easily.
    Chew a sample of the beans. If there is something hard when you chew, you need to cook longer.
  5. Drain the water and add 1 cup of sugar, 1 ts vanilla, and ½ ts kosher salt. Mix well.
    *tip: the water from the beans can be used for making rice
  6. Uncover and stir the sweet beans over low heat for 5 minutes.
  7. Turn the heat off and let it cool down. Keep in the fridge.

Let’s make patbingsu!

  1. Add ½ cup of sweet red beans on the bottom of a dessert bowl.
  2. Add 1½ cups of shaved ice over the sweet red beans.
  3. Add chopped strawberries, banana, and kiwi on top of the ice.
  4. Pour 2 tbs of sweetened condensed milk onto red beans and place 5-7 chopped rice cakes on top.
  5. Serve right away with a spoon.



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  1. bonafido joined 2/10 & has 5 comments

    Hi Maangchi! What rice cakes do you use for the topping? Thanks, love you!

  2. leeinply Michigan, USA joined 7/11 & has 1 comment

    I am so excited to find this recipe. We ate it several times while on a trip to Korea a few years ago…and have been trying to learn how to make it ever since. Can’t wait to suprise my husband this week. Thank you!

  3. jaylivg Houston joined 7/10 & has 107 comments

    I am planning to make this for our cook out tomorrow :D *drooling*

  4. Ashleigh Ohio joined 7/10 & has 3 comments

    I’m SO glad I found this recipe! Last summer I remember making PatBingSu, but everyone in my family loved it so much I used all of the sweet red beans I had bought. I haven’t been able to find any of the sweet red beans since, and after reading your recipe for homemade sweet red beans I’m excited I finally get to have PatBingSu again!
    너무 감사합니다!

    Maangchi 화이팅!

  5. Kayla Baltimore, Maryland joined 11/10 & has 21 comments

    In high school, my friends and I would go to a little shop in Hawaiian Gardens in California called Ice Keki and they served this in HUGE portions. It was usually four or five of us that would split an order. They put cereal on theirs, Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops (my favorite), or Fruity Pebbles (my second favorite). They also had a chocolate version with chocolate shavings all over it. Oooo, I have to make it now; it brings back good memories!

  6. KillDeer Hamilton, Ontario joined 9/10 & has 33 comments

    I’ve been dying to make this since you posted it. Maybe even before since you teased us on Facebook saying you were going to make it a week before the YouTube Creators Camp!

    I have no electric or manual ice shaver though!

    I bought the red beans today so I will just make the beans up and then get vanilla ice cream and some bananas! Not traditional but I’m just excited because I love sweet red beans!

  7. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09 & has 101 comments

    This looks great i love red beans, i love the fish on top :)

  8. Drew North Carolina joined 6/11 & has 3 comments

    What a fun dessert. I made the beans using small red beans I found in Harris-Teeter. The beans and fat-free condensed milk make a healthy dessert and very refreshing. Thanks for the recipe.

  9. mokpochica Michigan joined 1/09 & has 89 comments

    I love the dduk that you put on pat bing soo so much that sometimes the kids and I eat it up before we even make pat bing soo. We call the rice mallows. I am looking forward to making my own red beans for pat bing soo now. I will have to make a really big batch to have on hand for whenever we feel like eating this delicious treat.

  10. Jerry Ko New York joined 1/11 & has 9 comments

    Maangchi, me and wifey have been enjoying patbingsu since we were dating and I would love to make her some from scratch. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I will definitely give this a try!

    Latest on Simply Good Eating Blog:

  11. Renaissance joined 12/10 & has 3 comments

    Maangchi! Your recipes are great as always! Ooh, now I’m craving this dessert dish! I’ll have to try it out soon. Thanks!

  12. jimin Oakville, Ontario . Canada joined 9/08 & has 18 comments

    Out of all your recipe videos this was the most fun to watch. And let me say, wow, you have met some really good looking friends helping you to shave the ice – lol!

    I am definitely going to impress my guests with your patbingsu recipe this summer. Delicious!


    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,049 comments

      You are one of those who requested this recipe, is it very easy, isn’t it? If it is too difficult for you to make sweet red bean, you can get a can of sweet red bean at a Korean store. I will post the photo soon. It’s very cheap less than $3.00 and you can make 2~3 servings. Anyway homemade sweet red bean is better though. : )

  13. Ina Maryland,USA joined 10/08 & has 13 comments

    Onni,,love this have this same concept dish from the Philippines we called it Halo-halo.Definitely,reminds me of summer..:-))Thank you for posting it!Your plating is always fabulous looking!

  14. BellaL New York City joined 2/11 & has 2 comments

    I really wanted to make this the other day and now I can! Thank you 8)!

  15. JamieF New Zealand joined 1/11 & has 120 comments

    Maangchi this looks delicious! I especially like the little fish candy :) The video shows us how much fun you had at Creator Camp! In the picture under number 3 it looks like there is piece of butter in the pot with the beans – is that right? Also, in number 5 you say “1/2 cup of the 1 ts vanilla” but you don’t say what the 1/2 cup is meant to be of :) Do I need special rice cakes for this or do I just cut up the tube ones?

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,049 comments

      Jamie, thank you for pointing out the typo. And it’s not butter. It’s light reflecting on the water. I should post a better photo soon. I’m glad you like the small fish looking jelly. : )

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