Seasoned raw beef

Yukhoe 육회

Korean seasoned raw beef (yukhoe) is a delicious, fantastic totally unique dish: cool, garlicky, nutty, a little sweet and of course meaty! It makes for a great side dish for drinking. My recipe uses a lot of garlic, so plan in advance for garlic breath!

This recipe has been a favorite in my family for a long time. Over the years I’ve tried many different versions in restaurants and experimented with ratios, but I always come back to this one. I love the contrast between the strong garlic, sesame oil flavor, sweetness, saltiness, and cool beef.

Many Korean restaurants add an egg yolk to the middle of the plated dish, but I’ve never liked that method. I don’t alway want egg yolk on my yukhoe. But recently I’ve come to enjoy a yolk on the side, and this way you can ask your guests if they want a yolk of their own, instead of putting it on the dish for all to share. Give your family or guests a little freedom, let them dip their yukhoe in a yolk, if they like!

One of the keys to this dish is to buy fresh, good quality beef that’s tender and has almost no fat. I find it best to talk to my butcher directly and tell him I’m going to eat it raw, so he (or she) can recommend the most suitable cut.  If you can’t talk to your butcher, you have to be careful to buy the freshest you can get from a place you trust.


The other key is to make sure everything is cold. I keep my beef in the freezer for an hour or two before making yukhoe from it, that way it’s a little icy, easier to cut, and really cold when it’s mixed with seasoning sauce. Try not to handle it too much with your warm hands when you cut it, so it stays cold. I chill my serving platter too, by putting it in the fridge.


  • 8 ounces (226 grams) of fresh tender beef. Choose any tender cut of beef without fat: flank steak, filet mignon, round, etc.
  • ½ of a Korean pear (or 2 bosc or anjou pears)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 cups of cold water
  • 6 or 7 garlic cloves, minced
  • ½ of green onion, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (or sugar)
  • 2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
  • a pinch of ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds
  • 7 or 8 pine nuts
  • 1 egg yolk per person (optional)


Get started

  1. Freeze the beef for 1 to 2 hours.
  2. Make the seasoning sauce by combining garlic, green onion, soy sauce, honey, ground black pepper, toasted sesame oil, and sesame seeds in a bowl. Mix it well.yukhoe seasoning sauce

Soak the pear

  1. Mix 2 cups of cold water and 1 tablespoon sugar in a bowl with a spoon.
  2. Peel the pear and cut it into matchsticks. Soak them in the sugar water for about 10 minutes.soak pear
  3. Drain the pear sticks and dry with paper towel. Put them on a plate, clearing out a spot in the center to put your yukhoe.

Make yukhoe

  1. Take the beef out from the freezer and rinse it in cold running water. Pat dry with paper towels.
  2. Cut the beef into thin matchsticks and then Mix it with the seasoning sauce.mix yukhoe
  3. Place the yukhoe in the center of the plate of pear matchsticks.seasoned-rawbeef

Sprinkle with pine nuts and serve right away as a side dish for alcohol, or as a snack or appetizer. An optional egg yolk for dipping can be served to each diner.serving yukhoe

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  1. smartysigit joined 6/10 & has 1 comment

    maangchi, when i ate this at a korean restaurant, they put some sweet spicy sauce on top and mix all together. i loveeee that spicy sauce, do you know how to make it?

  2. hihikatamari joined 5/10 & has 2 comments

    I remember on Dotch Cooking show, I remember they make Yukhoe bibimbap and I have try to find the recipe it and none of it seem very good, until I find yours Maangchi so thank you for this recipe and others because I never knew how much depth and cuisine there are are in Korea.

  3. soko2usa Minnesota joined 4/09 & has 55 comments

    I have to ask this: yukhoe doesn’t keep well, does it? When you make it, you can’t save any for later or the beef will go bad? I haven’t had that problem (SO GOOD), but it’s hard to buy small amounts of beef.

  4. PurpleBunneh Toronto, Canada joined 4/10 & has 2 comments

    Hi Maangchi, i’ve been following your recipes to make korean food for awhile now and this is the first time I decided to make a reply because I’m so happy that you have posted this recipe. I’m chinese but I’m addicted to korean food and I love cooking, I will definately give this a try.

    Quick question, when you mention in your post about freezing is a very important tip, is it purely for easier cutting of the meat or is there another purpose?

    Once again thanks for the recipe!

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

      To kill any bacteria that may have remained on the surface of the meat.

      And another reason is that this dish should be served cold, so freezing 1 hour will keep the meat cold even though you mix it with the garlic sauce just before serving.

  5. GrooveFlare joined 4/10 & has 1 comment

    Hi Maangchi,
    Thanks for posting this up. I’ve been always wanting to have this but none of the Korean restaurants at my place serves this.Just to ask, is the pear a 100% necessity or just something to add up? I’ve seen a few yukhwe that have a raw egg yolk on the beef, and is supposed to be mixed up with the raw beef. How come yours does not have the raw egg yolk?

    Thanks again for this wonderful recipe

  6. dleehall South Plainfield NJ joined 9/09 & has 3 comments

    Party @ the sushi bar

    Yook Hwe was so good now i have to make it….

  7. Andrea Italy joined 1/09 & has 19 comments

    What a beatiful recipe, Maangchi, thanks a lot for posting it!
    What I like of Korean dishes is not only the hot and spicy, but also that fat is often used with moderation (I need that!)
    You are so sweet when you say goodbye in the middle of the video and then smile while you’re eating your pear.
    Keep up the excellent work
    Love from Italy

  8. hyena319 NYC joined 6/09 & has 4 comments

    Thanks for posting such a great recipe, but a word of caution.

    I would suggest using only Grass-fed Organic Beef if you live in the USA. Majority of American beef is fed corn which produces E-coli in our beef, if eaten raw can be deadly.
    One example of it in the news.

    Watch the film documentary Food.Inc, which is very informative.

    Just eat organic and be safe. =)
    Don’t mean to be a downer but wanted everyone to stay healthy.
    Thanks again Maangchi. =)

  9. altodemanila Manila, Philippines joined 3/10 & has 3 comments

    Maangchi, you will put the Korean restaurants here out of business, because you keep posting recipes of my favourite dishes! Will try this very soon, I am almost always craving for this when I eat out…

  10. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

    omg, Lainey posted her yukhoe photo! so fast! It looks so delicious![email protected]/4500999869/in/pool-maangchi

    She says, “I was craving beef when Maangchi posted this recipe, so I immediately took her advice and called the butcher and asked when he gets beef in. He said Wednesdays, and that he just got some in an hour or so ago! I was so excited that I biked right over and started on my yukhoe. I had this for dinner with some very spicy kimchi, broccoli pickles, and a very cold beer :)”

  11. powerplantop Louisiana joined 6/09 & has 70 comments

    The lettuce cups make for a great presentation.

  12. dleehall South Plainfield NJ joined 9/09 & has 3 comments

    bahp jom joo-seh-yo :) lol

    Going to my favorer Korean restaurant for dinner tomorrow night i will have to try it.

    I think i seen it but it had an egg yoke served with the dish…

    I will post some pictures…

    Maangchi Rocks

  13. soko2usa Minnesota joined 4/09 & has 55 comments

    I’ve never had steak tartare, but I’ve wanted to try it. This looks unbelievably good!

  14. laniekay Richmond, Virginia, USA joined 9/09 & has 15 comments

    Ohh, what beautiful presentation! I loooove beef tartare and will have to try this one soon. Thank you!

  15. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09 & has 101 comments

    Yay, i had this in a restaurant once.
    It was just cut beef served on lettuce with sesame oil and topped with…. sugar!
    Way too sweet! This looks a lot better.
    Thanks for this recipy!

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