A & A supermarket

there was no post for any place in des moines, ia so i thought i’d share a place i go to sometimes.

The store is below a State’s farm, and it is also really small but you can find the basic ingrediants for korean food like the paste and seasonions and cookware.
there aren’t any fresh ingrediants if so there are some. and mostly frozen food.


i also believe you can rent or buy korean movies/dramas there as well or they sell satelites too but thats what i saw.




  1. sonxx035 Minneapolis, MN joined 3/11 & has 2 comments

    Hello adam!~ the A and A store is below those buildings… i know it looks ghetto but yeah the spaces above are vacant but u have to go down a driveway theres the store down there =] hope that helps ^^ they use to be on the top floor but they moved =[ it’s sad it was so much better on the top floor ^^

  2. another_adam Grinnell, IA joined 12/09 & has 6 comments

    Drove by A&A the other day and it appears to be shuttered for good (for lease signs up in the windows). Can’t find any indication that they’ve moved, so unfortunately they might just be out of business?

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