Brand new Super H-Mart! Opened May 26, 2017. Amazing store!

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  1. reedertran McConnellsburg, PA joined 3/20 & has 1 comment

    When you checkout be sure to watch how much each item costs when it is rung up on the cash register!!! I drove over an hour one way to get nuruk to make makgeolli and ingredients to make kimchi. The price label on the shelf for nuruk showed $2.99, but it rang up on the cash register as 5.99. I also bought a 1 kg.bag of red pepper powder from Korea (all the others were from China) that had a special sale price label of 24.99, but it rang up on the cash register as 34.99. I pointed out the differences in the prices to the cashier and we both went back to verify what I said was correct. She didn’t know what to do so she called her supervisor. The supervisor was a Korean lady, and we only checked the nuruk price. She then used every excuse she could think of including that I couldn’t read korean even though the price label clearly stated nuruk amylase enzyme 2.99. I finally told her that H mart online website lists the exact same product for 3.49, then she hid the shelf price label behind another label and walked off. The cashier asked me if I wanted the 3 bags of nuruk for 5.99 and I said yes, but when it came to the korean pepper flakes the cashier put her finger up to her mouth as in be quiet and only charged me 24.99. I know that’s a high price for red pepper flakes, but I wanted korean not chinese ones if available. The Korean supervisor was the the rudest persons I have ever dealt with over a price discrepancy when she was blatantly wrong and lied about it. Buyer beware!!!

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