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  1. chykara joined 4/11 & has 1 comment

    I love this store – it has everything for a very good price! You have to come early to try the Rice Donuts from Momo Bakery. I also love to eat and shop at the Hanoori next to it where they sell authentic Korean, Japanese and Chinese food, as well as more kitchenware on the bottom floor. During the summer the Frozen Yogurt is delicious too! I can say that it is a bit far from me (like 45 minutes away) but when I go, it is worth the trip. It is the only place I buy rice, ramen, salmon, shark, milkfish (bangus) and more! I could talk about this place for hours so I’ll stop here.

  2. Kayla Baltimore, Maryland joined 11/10 & has 21 comments

    This store has a decent selection, especially in the fresh produce department. Prices are low and the staff is very helpful. They have a small cookingware section with rice cookers, steamers, grills, and other hard-to-find cookingware. The only downside is how far away it is from the city and how easy it is to get lost and sidetracked. Okay, maybe the last part is just me.

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