Kim’s Laden

Nice small shop in Karlsruhe, has good red pepper flakes and many kinds of soy sauce and rice flour.





  1. Chiarina germany joined 10/11 & has 1 comment

    They also did not have many fresh vegetables, but everything else I went to look for (and I think also ricecakes and some other things in the freezers, but I didn’t look so closely!) If you find anywhere else, please let me know (and have a good holiday)!

  2. Hime_Jenn Karlsruhe, Germany joined 10/11 & has 5 comments

    Oh, let me ask my bf about it. I am kinda new to Karlsruhe too but I know the shops you are talking about. The one near Europlaplatz is more to Thai I think. It is kind of difficult to get all Korean ingredients but you can find hot pepper paste, hot pepper flakes, mochiko, seaweeds and some other simple ingredients. However I personally think that the price in the shop near Europlaplatz is much more higher compare to others. While the pricing for the shop on Sophienstraße is much cheaper/affordable BUT they have less Korean stuffs there which is quite disappointing!
    But Kim’s Laden is something new, maybe I should explore it once I back to Karlsruhe again (currently on vacation back in Asia) – thanks for the info! Really appreciate it.

    Also will be the best if you are willing to share on more stores that you have or haven’t discover!

  3. Chiarina germany joined 10/11 & has 1 comment

    Hi! I don’t think so, but I just got here a few months ago, so I can’t really tell. It is very small, though-I only found it today, on the right side as you go away from the Marktplatz in richtung Durlacher Tor… Do you know anywhere else in Karlsruhe for Korean ingredients? I have tried the shop on Sophienstraße and also the one near Europaplatz but was a bit disappointed.

  4. Hime_Jenn Karlsruhe, Germany joined 10/11 & has 5 comments

    Oh is it a new shop? Not aware about this shop before

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