Momezon Korean Market

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Little Korean market hidden behind a America’s Carpet Outlet and next to a Mattress World. It is a small shop, but it has the basics. The owner and employees are very helpful and friendly. Also, on Thursday mornings they make fresh banchan and yummy gimbap. My favorite time to visit is Thursday afternoon. I love their gimbap.



This Korean Market, located on North Atherton Street (where the Far Corners Oriental Market is also located) State College, has a very nice selection of Korean goods straight from Korea itself! The staff is very friendly and will always help you with what you need. I have on numerous occasions just chatted with them about food, cooking, and something new to try! I remember asking about Pyongyang Naengmyun and they were so happy to tell me how to make naengmyun and even selected the items to make it! (They even gave me a bit of a discount!) Another time was about gimbap, which they told me to show up on Thursday. Why? Well, another perk to going here would be to buy freshly made gimbap and other small dishes of Korean home cooking! Check out their website for pictures and items available! ****

They also make other fresh foods, such as their kimchi. It is quite the experience, and with a wide variety of foods to quench the Korean tongue, along with any interested person new to Korean food. From sauces to instant noodles, fresh Asian ingredients, meat cuts, and seafood, this store even sells some kitchen utensils and Korean made clay pots!

I believe their description tells the truth;

“At Momezon Korean Market we strive to provide you with the best products and service. We are located in State College, Pennsylvania, home of Penn State University, on North Atherton Street.

We work hard to ensure that your shopping experience is fun and enjoyable while providing service and selection you can trust! From the moment you enter, our warm, friendly staff will make you feel like part of our family and will have you leaving with a sense of satisfaction and a smile. You might even invite your friends to share the experience next time.

So come to Momezon Korean Market and let us bring you back home with our fresh, nutritious, clean products.”

Enjoy and Happy Eating!



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