Video tour of Nam-Hai:

Video that has Nam-Hai in it @ the end:

It’s stinky, but they do have “fresh” (ie: LIVE) seafood.. Lots of fish, crabs, weird fish you don’t see anywhere else, as well as mysterious meats.. Like pig uterus, chicken feet, duck heads, etc..

They also have a variety of fresh produce- stuff like durians are included.. It’s a lot of South Asian type stuff.. Herbs.. Fruit & Vegetables.

They’ve also got a huge tea selection, frozen foods, canned goods, a huge selection of noodles, soy sauces, etc.

In this store, you must look for the expiration date, though. lol

They also carry huge bags of Jasmine rice, have all sorts of Asian cookware, cooking utensils and dishes.. Rice cookers, etc..

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