“Flanked by pho shops and an international buffet, the Pacific Ocean Market Place in Broomfield is a virtual wellspring of all things Asian. In the scrubbed-clean, well-stocked supermarket, everything from golden brown steamed pork buns to piles of fresh durian, jackfruit, and lychees to rows of fresh Pan-Asian vegetables make shopping for Eastern specialties a snap. An absolute must in every shopping cart is a cut of house-roasted or barbecued pork and Pi Pa duck. The crispy-skinned slabs of salty pork belly, succulent whole-roasted ducks (with just a hint of star anise), and tangy, fire-engine red pork spareribs are destined to turn any dinner into a special event.” -5280 Magazine

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  1. amberh Colorado USA joined 7/22 & has 9 comments

    I love POM. They have very fresh produce, a wide selection from many different cultures, tons of frozen/snacks/sauces/spices, plus wonderful prepared/cafe foods. Everyone is very friendly to me, a non-Asian. I love getting lunch here on workdays!

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