Sae Han Oriental Grocer

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This is a last choice store.

Only to be used when you simply cannot get to any other Asian grocers in the area.
This place is consistently dirty, and bad smelling.
Things on the shelf are sometimes from 1990s!
I ONLY use this for jarred, or packaged items
The freezer is always scary





  1. Preesi Philly, Pa joined 11/08
    Posted September 21st, 2010 at 5:26 pm | # |


    The freezer has things in it that are freezer burned, that never get tossed out. The same packages have been in there for years.

    Ive seen many many things on the shelves that were so old the packages had faded.

    I went to buy shirataki noodles last year and the expiration date was 2007.

    Some packages are filthy and sticking together.

    This store needs a complete overhaul

  2. sbraney joined 9/10
    Posted September 21st, 2010 at 9:40 am | # |

    I completely disagree with your comments about Sae Han. You are not the only one to have made such comments – I’m wondering if you are trying to turn their customer base over to HMart. My experience at the store has been exactly the opposite. I’ve NEVER found anything out-of-date, and think the store smells great – are you vegetarian? It’s possible that the meats that they are frying may be objectionable smelling. The store employees have always been very helpful, and I’ve found everything that I wanted there – the store is packed – they have an unbelievable amount of inventory in such a small place.

    There are many ingredients that Americans wouldn’t find in their own grocery stores – this might be what you are referring to as a “scary” freezer section.

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