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    I went there to buy Kimchi one time. It turns out very smelly at the time I opened it. At the time I bought, the package was bloated already. But one Korean Lady ensure me that it should be okay. At the time I reach home, I opened and wanted to eat it with my whole family. But it was extremely smelly, until the whole room smells terrible. I check with the other Korean market, they said a bloated package of Kimchi could lead to a deadly food poisoning.

    About 3 days after that, I came down again to Parkway, to make my complain to them regarding my case. The same Korean lady keep pushing me for the receipt and say that the smells is highly normal and IT’S FINE!! I insisted them to refund my money, but that Korean Lady and one male cashier refused to do so. Another Singaporean young lady finally agree to exchange with another product. So, I turn around their store for about 2 times to find the replacement. But after 2 turns, the Korean said if I cannot find what I want, just come back later or another day cause it will disturb their shop. What a humiliating treatment from a staff.

    Finally, I grabbed a very expensive snacks cause I’ve had enough with their shop. The snacks are 2.50 SGD, to replace a 7.90 smelly kimchi! Luckily the same young lady who allows me to change my product, introduce me to take their tea. She told me the tea is good for health. And it turns out not so bad.

    Having said that, I tried to come to another Korean shop at Marina Square. They manage to sell exactly the same product with a surprisingly lower price compare to Seoul Mart.

    After all, my review is, I’m very disappointed with the treatment from Seoul Mart staffs. Their after sales service is extremely bad. Their staff mostly can’t speak proper English, and very unfriendly.

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