VK Stores is one of the biggest store selling Korean food in Mumbai. Nestled within the biggest wholesalers market of Crawford Market, VK Store is family owned and family driven with their third generation at the helm. VK Store’s prices are the cheapest in the city because customers get an advantage of them being in the wholesale market. Along with Korean food products, VK Store also specializes in Italian, Indian, Mexican, Lebanese and Chinese food ingredients.

Pro Tip: Their outlet is always super busy with customers, best time to visit is before 1pm in the afternoon or after 4pm. They don’t bargain since they maintain wholesale price with fresh stock.

List of Korean Foods Available At Store

1. Gochujang paste ( CBL Hot Pepper Paste)
2. Gochut-garu powder (Korean hot pepper flakes)
3. Tteokbokki
4. Buldak hot chicken
5. nongshim super spicy red
7. Buldak habanero lime
8. Samyang Seafood party
9. Ghost pepper – spicy chicken
10. Nongshim shin ramyun
11. Buldak 3X Spicy
12. Buldak Quattro Cheese
13. Buldak 2x Spicy
14. Nongshim Kimchi
15. OttOgi Jin Ramen
16. Buldak Cream carbonara
17. Buldak Rose
18. Ottogi Jin Ramen Spicy
19. Buldak Cheese Hot Chicken
20 Nissin – Korean Chicken

Cup Noodles
21. Buldak cheese cup noodles
22. Buldak 2x spicy cup noodle
23. Nongshim Shin cup noodle
24. Buldak hot chicken cup noodle
25. NonGshim Super Spicy Cup Noodle
26. Kimchi Ramen cup Noodle
27. Buldak Topokki carbonara
28. Buldak topokki hot spicy

29. Kimchi Sauce
30. Korean BBQ Hot & Spicy
31. Korean BBQ Original
32 Buldak Jjajang Hot Chicken

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