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That is fantastic about your weight loss. I am also wanting to shed about 30 lbs. I am incorporating yoga, running, hiking and walking. Plus lots of raw vegan food like green smoothies, green salads etc. I plan to make my own saurkraut and of course my kimchi. I love Maangchi’s recipe- it looks delicious. I think moderate amounts of rice plus a couple side salads and a nice flavored soup- mild or spicy is perfect! It’s comforting and nourishing. The only drawback I see in Korean cooking is high sodium levels so I will just control that when I make the food. Unfortunatley my husband is not a lover of food like I am but he can be adventurous. That’s why I haven’t really kept up Korean cooking but NO MORE! Get ready to smell the stink of Kim chi honey! yum, I love it!ha!ha!