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Wow, he has lost lots of his weight. I have, too. I am very small and have never been overweighed, but I have experienced something since I started to cook Korean dishes that I learn from Maangchi’s site. I eat three meals daily, which had never been happen to me, and still lose weight. I don’t know how I can explain. Anyhow since I started cooking Korean food, I don’t want to have such candies or sweets at all.

I don’t’ know this is true or not – I researched the fact that Sesame oil is good at those patients who have high blood pressure or diabetes.

I feel like Maangchi is my mother. Well, I had completely lost my appetite for food since I lost my mother in 2005. Plus, I had hardly cooked home anyway. I didn’t know how to cook and had never been interested in cooking. Now it’s totally different. I love cooking Korean food. I think the videos uploading from Maangchi make me cook. Whenever I watch her cooking videos, I want to go grocery shopping to try them. It works for me, haha. Wish you all the best.