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Cooked though they looked and tasted different. The koshihikari grains were dryer looking and stickier than the Akitakomachi which looked more glossy and more separate. Tastewise, the kohishihikari rice was definitely chewier with a sweeter flavour and the Akitakomachi was softer and fluffier, mild flavour and more slippery on the tongue. Both absolutely delicious! I would probably use the Koshihikari for plain rice and the Akitakomachi for dishes like fried rice. If I had to choose one though, I think I’d go with the Koshihikari as it’s got a slightly more satisfying chew :D

So in summary;

KOSHIHIKARI (top pic) – sticky, firmer chewy more ‘intact’ grains, dryer texture, sweet aftertaste

AKITAKOMACHI (bottom pic) – less sticky, softer fluffier grains with a slippery feel, glossy waxy texture, mild flavour – no discernible aftertaste