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When I make soymilk or tofu I literally remove the skins bean by bean. It does not take that long. Leave the cooked beans soaking in cold water then scoop them out and squeeze/pop them out of their skins. It is harder to pop the beans out of their skins if they start to dry out.

Oh, if you have a pressure cooker you can seriously reduce the time it takes to cook soybeans. I make natto more often than soy milk and tofu. It takes about 40-minutes to pressure cook the soybeans to point they easily squish between your fingers.

I use “sprouting” soybeans to grow sprouts or for making natto. If you order soybeans from Laura’s you may want to get a small bag of sprouting soybeans, too. The skins do not come off the sprouting soybeans when the cook the way they do on regular soybeans. Here they are, the smaller soybeans on the left are for sprouting and natto, the larger, regular soybeans on the right are for soy milk, tofu, doenjang, etc: