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I hope I can help a little with other questions. You need to just invest in a Korean fermenting crock. Like many others, I was hoping for an alternative solution and my research came up with nothing good enough. I even research German crocks and they are not quite the same either. I did eventually find an excellent website with the most reasonable prices, a variety of sizes, and excellent shipping for Korean crocks. The sight is They have four different size Korean crocks. The largest holds 11 liters or almost 3 gallons. I ended up buying 3 different sizes, and love them. If anyone knows of a good online store that sells at a good cost, a larger size than that, please share.
As far as brine ratio, I just did the math according to Maangchis recipe which is 10 quarts (or 3 1/2 gls) water to 5 quarts kosher salt if you did the 5lbs of soy beans. So that’s 40 cups of water to 20 cups kosher salt. Break it down more, it’s 2 cups water to 1 cup kosher salt, 2:1. (Sorry my husband is a math teacher.) Check my math but, but seems right. I don’t know ratio if trying iodine (“table”) salt, but I’m sure it’s easy to research.
Hope this was helpful.