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I have several dolsots and when I first got them one of them cracked beyond repair right away. The place I purchased them from replaced the bowl (KAO Mart) when I sent them the picture of the broken bowl.

One thing I can tell you beyond a doubt is that many of them get small cracks in them. One thing, when you cook with them and after you are done eating they might still be hot. Be very careful to let them cool completely before washing them. If they are still hot and the water you are using to wash them with is cooler than the bowl, it will crack them further and they will break.

I make Jiggae stews in my bowls and one of them leaks slowly while eating but not enough to make a huge mess as I use the wooden holders that have a bit of a well underneath. I have found with more use, as the salt in broth, etc.. filters through the bowls they become less and less of a problem with leaking. (think of it like when you season an old cast iron pan and the patina builds up on it making it nicely seasoned). I have had this set of bowls for about 5 years or more now and they are holding up well. I have the cheaper version without the copper band around them to add some strength to them.

I hope this helps someone from my experiences using them ;)