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Hello Dina,

Have you tried Buffalo Wings? If yes, how would you compare the fried chili chicken of Maangchi ? You could simply use the simple rating scale from 1 to 10.

Yes, Dina, Davao is not only the land of promise, it is now the only Singapore-like city in the Philippines, thanks to Mayor Duterte. It is also the land of kinilaw na tanguigue or barilis, pangga, bihod, Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan, Pomelo and the Blue Knights of Ateneo.

I’m sorry but Cebu City is still the best in Lechon, Chicharon, Danggit and Dried Mango. Kayang-kayang specialty kasi. Buffalo Wings from New York, Fried Chili Chicken from New York too. It is because Maangchi actually resides there, I think, most of the time.