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Hello! Welcome to :-) It’s definitely the best website for Korean cooking. Yes, I agree, homemade kimchi is far better than store-bought kimchi. Especially because I like it really spicy.

If you would like some suggestions of recipes on here to try, I’ll tell you some of my favorites: Sigeumchi namool is made from spinach and is one of my favorite banchan (sidedish). It’s really easy, too. I also really like tuna pancakes, so quick and easy but delicious. Vegetable pancakes too are a favorite. If you like fish, Maangchi’s breaded cod fillet recipe is wonderful. And you can’t go wrong with kimbap and bulgogi!

Healthy and happy cooking!

By the way, your English is very good, but here are some corrections for you (I’m learning Korean so I know how hard it can be to learn a language):

“Hello everyone my name is Eleonora and I live in MilanoItaly.

I love asian food and I’m really liking making my meals at home with fresh food.

Anyway I love to step out with friends but I’m not about “ready food” for microwave.

I’m also a drama fan and I want to try Kimichi because everyone in my favourite (spelled ‘favorite’ in American english) eats it !

I know it seems stupid but I tried it: I bought a canned one and at first it was not so good but it was ok and quite good for my body, generally speaking, so I tried it again and I want to make it at home. Cause I like it…

This is why I’m here: I love the one i made at home it soo delicious and tastes so different from the one you can buy canned. It made me wanna try all the other delicious food.

Thanks everyone for reading and have a nice day :)”

Hope this helps some! :-)