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Well, it did ensure I knew which one was him, so I guess it was good for that.

I like Oh and Run Devil Run equally right now, but when I’m singing to myself (while I cook Korean food!) I’m usually singing Run Devil Run, especially the “neon jaemiobseo maeneo obseo, neon Devil Devil neon neon”.

BoA’s been working on her American debut for the past few years and has released an English album here; I didn’t buy it or really much like it, but I thought it was a good effort. Her accent is still too strong to sometimes understand what she’s trying to say.

I like the new dances too, but what were the odds that both Kara and SNSD would have ‘run’ steps in their dances? I’m looking forward to After School’s new song, I heard they did actual drum practice for it. I was in drumline in high school, so it’ll be interesting to me to see how it turned out.

We Got Married is a fun program! And yes, it takes a pair of celebrities and puts them in a (not real) marriage situation. I remember when Kang-In (from Super Junior) was on the show, he played the peppero game in his dorm in front of Super Junior and they all whipped out their cellphones to photograph it! I don’t think Seohyun will be too boring for Yonghwa, but I do agree that he’s going to have the harder job of the two, Seohyun is very reserved. But she’s not very into boys, so this is new territory for her and I admire the fact she’s trying to stretch herself. She doesn’t speak up much on variety programs, so seeing her in the spotlight is certainly different and welcome. I think it’s an interesting pairing and that it’ll be good for both of them. Since Yuri, Tiffany, and Sunny are already on shows, Taeyeon’s already been on WGM, and Yoona’s in dramas all the time, out of the ones left I think they chose well. What do you think?