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Heya Roxy.

When you make an account with Gravatar, you use an email address. What they don’t really tell you is that the email you register with is the one attached to your gravatars, and to make them show up on WordPress blogs and other supporters of the gravatar formatting, when you make a wordpress blog or other dealie, you must register using the same email address you used to register with gravatar. Using the same email makes your gravatar images accessible. So if you registered here at Maangchi’s and used your gravatar email, when you decided to choose an avatar the gravatar image inventory (for lack of a better word) would become usable for you.

I’ll understand if that didn’t make sense to you, so here’s a pair of links that explains a little better: Creating and Using a Gravatar Image on Blogs and Other Sites and Gravatar Widget, which explains more about adding a gravatar onto your wordpress blog.

Hope that helps.