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I like Just_Tina’s idea to salt the kimchi in a water bath, i often do that too, I have made kimchi monthly for over a year now and i like that method the best. another recipe take 1/2 gallon of water and mix the salt (1c.) in the water instead of putting it directly on the cabbage, then i pour the salt water over the cabbages and turn them over every now and again so everything gets evenly salted.. you still should wash it atleast 3 times, and squeeze well, i do this very slowly and carefully so my kimchi comes out just right, it takes me a good 20 minutes.

I also recomend adding both saewoojeot and aekjeot, in a half and half ratio, it just tastes amazing!

oh, finally, ust be carefull with the salt, it actually has nothing to do with the fermentation process, rather it preserves the kimchi and keeps it from going bad. I use really any salt i have on hand, i prefer course sea salt or kosher salt, the only thing you shouldnt use is iodized salt (table salt) it kills the good bacteria you need to get your kimchi to ferment, i have heard your kimchi may eventually spoil if you use table salt and you let your kimchi sit at room temp for a few days ..

Sugar is actually what makes kimchi ferment, bacteria feeds off sugar which forms lactic acid, giving kimchi that unique sour taste