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Kimchi Mom

Daily korean diet is like a daily american diet. It changes from day to day, but there are staples. Morning is rice and fish with condiments on the side. kimchi, veggies, kim, soup. often times, families will have juk in the morning. it depends on how busy the day is and what the season is. Lunch is also variable. evening meal again varies, but centers again around a table with a variety of condiments on the table with a center dish of some kind of fish and or soup with everyone having a bowl of rice and sharing the condiments.

While I was in Korea, our dinner varied daily. Sometimes we would have a noodle dish like jajangmyeon and maybe a couple fried mandu. Or we would have mandu guk and some condiments. Or we would have daenjang soup with rice or kimchi soup or with rice or sundubu soup for dinner. Sometimes it was a treat to have Chinese fried chicken or pork or sushi or sometimes just some Dakgalbi.

During the summer we had cold noodle dishes. The level of healthy cooking is dependent on the cook. But Korean foods tend to have more vegetables and fiber and some Koreans eat less fried foods as a mainstay and far fewer desserts.

There is much salt and Fat in some Korean food depending on the cooking method. However, if you go to Korea, you will find fried fatty food EVERYWHERE!