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Hi Jordango,

Having kimchi, gochujang and red pepper powder you can make a lot of yummy and fast dishes and they last a long time so it’s great. I like convenient, cheap and fast too so having only those 3 ingredients you can make:

-ddeokbokki: I buy the rice cakes in the korean shop and put them in the freezer and make whenever. It takes 5 minutes or so to make (I make smaller quantity of maangchi’s recipe).

– bibimguksu: you’ll need just cucumber and egg, but even without cucumber it tastes great. And you can boil several eggs and keep them on fridge for several days too!

– Ssambap: If you make rice, make some meat just boiled or fried cut in pieces and buy some veggie like lettuce or perilla leaves you get ssambap. Later you only have to wrap the veggie in a bit of gochujang, the veggie, rice and some garlic or so if you want and that’s it.

– kimchijjiggae: Only pork and tofu needed.

– kimchi pajeon: Just eggs needed.

That’s what I can think of but I’m sure there are more recipes with few ingredients and fast. Just remember not to be careful with the salt intake as both kimchi and gochujang are salty so it wouldn’t be healthy to eat them every day.

Good luck cooking!