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As far as I know all gochujang should be made following the same method. Which is that it usually is fermented. I have not heard of the non-fermented one before, but I am not the expert. If there were a choice, I would opt for the fermented one over the non-fermented. Maybe Maangchi or someone else with more experience than I can provide some more information.

There are definitely different levels of quality when it comes to gochujang. I would go for the one that is the most natural. The brand that I like is Sunchang, I always use it, so I can attest that it is good. It also comes in varying degrees of heat. I usually buy the spiciest one my local market carries, which is a number 4. I believe a number 5 exists, but I haven’t seen it in the store. Some of the gochujang’s contain other ingredients that are used as ‘fillers’, such as corn flour and wheat flour. These not as good and not as natural. I posted a question that deals with this a while back, the link is below.

In the end, I think almost any gochujang will do to provide you the authentic flavor you are looking for. It is a must have, so it is better to have it than not have it at all.

ryan :)

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