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Hey EW,

No problem. Out of the two brands that you posted, I would buy the second one, the Haechandle brand one. I personally would still buy the Sunchang from Daesun, but that is just because I have experience with this one.

I found a really good blog post about what the best gochujang is. Thank you to Grace of ‘One fork, one spoon’ for her excellent and informative blog post. It also confirms what I have said about Sunchang, but it is really a matter of preference when it comes down to it. Check out the post here:

The best gochujang

ryan :)

P.S. – Something I found out from reading the above mentioned blog post, is that ‘Sunchang’ is actually a place in South Korea as well as a brand name used by Chung Jung Won for it’s gochujang. Sunchang is a county in the North Jeolla Province of South Korea. It is renown among the people of Korea for it’s famous gochugang and many different brands come from there, not just the ‘Sunchang’ brand by Chung Jung Won. Supposedly, the governor of the county puts an official ‘Seal of Approval’ to verify that it is Sunchang Gochujang. Kind of like Champagne or San Marzano tomatoes, I guess. Just a little trivia for you!