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      Hello Maangchi fans,

      I went to the Toronto Korean Food Products and Beverages Exhibition last weekend at the Metro Convention Centre and shot some videos. A really great event–the food exhibitors were so busy I didn’t even get a chance to get some free Korean food! It’s too bad it wasn’t bigger. This was the first year for this event and hopefully next year it’ll be bigger.

      I made one video just walking around the exhibition, but definitely the highlights of the event were the Korean dance performances. I shot about 6 videos of these, including two performances of samulnori.

      You can check out the 8 videos I made at the exhibition on my youtube channel:


      BTW, I have no affiliation with anyone related to this event. I just did this for fun and to share some really amazing Korean performances with people on this site! Also, I didn’t know some of the names of the dances, so feel free to comment on the videos and let me know the Korean names if you know them.



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      What a nice array of performances! I love Samulnori because I play it for my Samulnori club at my school :)

      Thanks for the videos!

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