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      1. The Korean market has many kinds and brands of red pepper powder. Which should we buy for Kim Chi? The people at the market when we were there did not know.

      2. One batch of our radish Kim Chi turned out darker, almost brown, instead of beautiful red. What happened? Why brown instead of red?

      3. Another batch of Kim Chi outcome was too salty. Is there any remedy to save this batch? What can we do now with this batch?

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      Hi Mark n Pete!

      I know! There are sooo many types and brands of powder. I opted to use a finely ground powder that was “middle grade” (the price was in the middle and not the cheapest or the most expensive), and it’s worked great for my kimchi.

      As for your salty batch of kimchi, all’s not lost! Just don’t use it as a side dish. You should definitely keep it and let it age longer – then, you can use it in kimchi-based receipes like kimchi stew or kimchi pancake! It’ll add so much flavour and you’ll end up using less salt as a result!

      Hope this helps!


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      Hey Mark n Pete!

      Nice to see you on here! I make kimchi almost monthly now so heres what i think :

      I would like to add that the color could very well be the type of gochugaru you used, it could be the amount you used or simply it isnt a very high quality. and when it comes to teh kind i like, i prefer the crushed to finely ground, the finely ground makes the kimchi brine thicker, but the crushed some times leaves lovely little feremented chili flakes in your teeth that i find my self picking out of my teeth for a while lol.

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