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    I live in Ellicott City, MD. I”m the mom of three boys and a husbamd who love good food. Gim bap and Chapchae are favorites. Our local Lotte Market (Korean grocery) invited all the parents at the elementary school for a tour and I’ve been shopping twice a week there ever since (7 years).

    I’d like to invite Maangchi to EC for a meet up! I’d love to host in my home.





    Thank you very much! oh, you left even your phone number here! I edited it out so you don’t get any spam type of phone calls.

    Your Korean store, Lotte Market people, must be very smart and open minded. They invited parents in the neighborhood from elementary school! Without the invitation, you might have not been interested in Korean food! I would like to visit you and meet your children and also my other readers! I will keep it in mind. I really appreciate your offer to host my meetup if it happens!



    I was born and raised in Ellicott City, and also have been following your youtube videos for at least a couple years now! I’m cooking a bunch of your recipes tomorrow night for a dinner with my in laws… wish me luck!! :)





    How are you?That’s a great idea to come & visit Maryland!Lotte Mart is were I also go shopping in Ellicott City.Oh..this is exciting!I really would like to meet you in person.Btw,Ms.Cathy of MD thank you for your plan to host a gathering for Maangchi.Pls.I would like to get some info.& also join in..just in case this meet up happen..here is my ym for [email protected] thank you in advance!Hope I’m not to forthright to invite my self?..Maangchi more power!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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