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      (Sorry, this intro ended up being 3-4 short paragraphs)

      Hi Maangchi! ALOHA!
      Thank you for your recipes, you, and your videos! I am able to watch and learn from you, along with the written recipes/instructions. You are such a talented teacher, which I find easier to follow and create the delicious (“ono” in hawaiian) foods.

      My first recipe I made was the namul (spinach salad). I love spinach and I’ve always enjoyed this side order at my favorite korean restaurant(s). Making it was so awesome! I made it with a few stalks of green onion, and found it to be too strong. I now learned that leeks are way better.
      I recently made your kimchi. I had chinese cabbage for over a week. And watching your video, I decided to go “gung ho”. I bought a big bag of red pepper flakes, rice flour, fish sauce, etc. Since I saw that tip in keeping flakes in the freezer. Anyhow, I realized that I didn’t have that much time to make the porridge, so I opted for the emergency kimchi style. OMGOODNESS! I was successful! I so enjoyed the kimchi! That I truly made, in my kitchen! I do know that I still need to perfect it. But, I was so satisfied being a beginner to Korean cooking. I had my family be my tasters and they truthfully said it tasted great! They were surprised I made it!

      I know that this is just the “banchans” but, I wanted to see if I’d have the patience and ability to try small korean recipes. And so thankful that your recipes are super ono and your teachings are really great. I’m deciding soon to try more, like the cornbread and the hotteok (my son’s birthday party), and venture to making the tofu soups. Soon.

      Ever since I did a one week solo vacation to Koreatown LA, my true Korean-self has been reawakened.
      Thank you Maangchi!

      Love from Maui.

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