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      Hi Maangchi, my name is Matthew and I have been watching your videos for a while now and I’ve gotta say I’m obsessed. Some time ago I took a DNA ancestry test and found out I was 1% Korean. Now this isn’t much by any means but I was always told on my dad’s side we were just Japanese but when I found out it opened a new door for me and I couldn’t be happier. I love to cook and I decided I wanted to go on YouTube and see what kinds of things Koreans ate and that’s when I found you.

      For a while your channel was my secret and it was all I watched. Slowly but surely my family started wondering what I was watching and now we watch you together instead of watching TV. I just think you’re such an amazing chef and an amazing Korean keeping traditional Korean cuisine alive by sharing it with the world. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the traditions of our ancestors all around Asia are being lost and forgotten because a lot of younger people don’t care anymore but you’re helping to change that.

      Anyway, I have prepared your Japchae, red been porridge with rice cakes, and now I just finished making your traditional kimchi recipe and they’ve all turned out amazing. When I share them with people they are always amazed by how good the food is and I always tell them that one I’m a great chef and two I’ve learned these recipes from Maangchi! Along with being Japanese I am also Italian and it was an Italian household that I grew up in and I was thought to cook from a young age. I’ve found so many similarities between Korean and Italian cooking! In southern Italy where my family is from they focus on seafood, vegetables, and of course anything spicy! I know you are a lover of spaghetti and perhaps I could share my families recipe for the sauce with you from one chef to another. I would love to even try to create some Italian Korean cushion dishes!

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