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    I came across your website from, trying to find how other people make tteokguk (took me awhile to find a spelling for it). I know how to pronounce most of the korean food names but spelling it out is a lot different!.

    My mother is Korean and since I was young, I ate all different types of korean food and now that I have a family of my own, I hate to keep asking my mom to show me how to make certain foods (I am sad that I never really seemed interested in how to make them when I was younger). Now that I am not eating korean food all the time, I am missing it VERY much!! Especially while watching Korean dramas and seeing them eat… ugghhh my stomach is growling!!

    When Thanksgiving or Christmas comes around she always asks what I want, and of course, instead of turkey or ham I say just rice and kimchee please!! So she always makes korean food for me during the holidays!!

    My favorite korean foods are ggakdugi, kimchi bokkeumbap, and gochujang. The one food that I don’t really care about is sesame leaves.

    I would love to make some the foods I am not familiar with and share them with my mom. I just bought a new rice cooker so I am ready to start cooking!!

    So kamsahamnida for what you do!


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