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    Anthony Bourdain’s attitude often grates on my nerves. You’re a tough guy and a wild man, I get it. But he is, so it’s hard to fault him for it.

    In his recent No Reservations ep on food obsessives he takes the egullet guy to task for busting out the camera to photograph the food when it comes out.

    “It’s like keeping a diary while you’re having sex!”

    If you’ve ever spent any time with a food blogger, you’ll know the feeling. Each meal must be properly documented and filed away first. For these people, eating it and enjoying it is not enough. And you can see it in Bourdain’s face, he’s kind of peeved as well.

    If course, he’s also filming all this for a TV show. He has a crew, he never needs to bust out a camera himself, but it’s all being documented. At the very least, he’s a hypocrite; the truth of the matter is, food blogging obsessives are his progeny. He made them.



    Love this! Love Tony! Love his books.

    Guy can’t eat hamburgers anymore but takes Tony to watch him eat one. Poor miserable schlep.

    Too many boring bloggers. Blogging is the perfect realm for compulsive people. Not that all bloggers are compulsive types. I think the worst are narcissistic compulsives. Some of whom you see in this video. Everyone is a food critic now.

    “I used to make $400,000 as a lawyer…” (Rolling my eyes…)

    “Frustrated sexual impulses” LOL!

    Thanks for posting this – it’s classic.


    I don’t blog about food, but I appreciate a lot of people who do blog about it. I learn a lot.

    I like to take pictures of things I made and ate. I take pictures of things I eat if

    1) I visit a restaurant I have never been to. This is for memories of the experience.

    2) I take pictures if I do a restaurant review.

    3) I take pictures because maybe I could make something like what I ate.

    I like eGullet. The people who are from Japan on that site have taught me a lot about Japanese cooking and foods/names that I have found very interesting and handy.

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