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      I am just getting back from Korea, not by choice. I went to Korea because the ARMY sent me there and it was one of the best experiences for me. Korean People were so nice and very Polite. I would never have been interested in Korean food if I did not go there. I am also a little embarrassed to say I did not know much about korean food and I should have because I have been to Culinary School and worked for the Four Seasons Hotel for 6yrs before joining the ARMY. One of the things I said I would do is learn how to cook some Korean foods when I got back into the states. Korean foods are is very healthy and tasty too. I am so happy I came across your web page and now I hope to be cooking and learning korean recipes. Thank you very much! rob

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      My tour in Korea was in the early 80s.I walked the line on the DMZ many days and nights,good times and bad times there.

      One of the many things I enjoyed was the food and the fellowship I enjoyed with my Korean friends,like they say,sharing another culture’s food is one of the best ways to understand them.It really opened my eyes as I was a little different than some GI’s,who only wanted to blow off steam and show their arse’ in clubs after the stress of DMZ time,which is only human nature for young men no matter what country they come from.

      I’ve been hooked on Korean food since,my wife and kids love it!

      I’m also happy I came across your web page and look foward

      to learning how to cook this one of a kind cusine!

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