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      There are about a handful of Korean restaurants in the OKC Metro. Most of them are located in Del City right by Tinker Air Force Base. I have not tried all of them yet but here’s my review on the ones I have tried.

      B-WON = This restaurant includes table top cooking, daily lunch specials, and regular menu ordering. They tend to be stingy with banchan (side dishes), but with Oklahoma being (in my opinion) behind in cultural diversity, a lot of the banchan probably goes to waste. They usually only have one person on wait staff during dinner so if its busy when you go, be prepared to wait especially for drink refills. But bottom line, food is good.

      Seoul Garden = This is usually my go to place. It’s cheap and really down to earth. The ahjjamah who owns the place is a real sweetheart too. She doesn’t have a full on menu but enough to satisfy a craving. Each meal comes with a free appetizer of small chicken chunks in sweet & sour sauce along with a small eggroll. Her bulgogi eggrolls are awesome! My mom doesn’t like this restaurant as much as she calls it “too country” than what she is accustomed to. Right next to this place is a Korean grocery market with a small eat in place inside that offers jajjangmyun or jjambong. Those are really good.

      Korean House = I used to go here a lot because their table top cook was pretty good and they offered “requent eater” cards that you can rack up points on to get free meals. However, I stopped going here because they started charging for every little thing. TO GO orders are $0.50 more, i guess to pay for the box? Also, the cleanliness of the place just went downhill. I once ordered 3 full meals to go once for 3 different people. They only gave enough banchan for one person! Seriously, like two little chunks of potato jjorim for everyone.

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      Seoul Garden sounds like my kind of place, bulgogi eggrolls that sounds awsome. You need to post some pictures of that!

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