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    Does anyone know what a bacchus magic jar is? Picture is attached. I just thought it'd be good for kimchi.



    yes, it will be a great jar for kimchi. It says 3 liter glass jar for fruit liquor. Koreans make fruit liquor by mixing soju and fruits like strawberry, maesil (plums), grapes, and apples. Also the jar is not really magic but a regular glass jar. : )



    Thank you so much Maangchi! :) It was fairy inexpensive for that size jar 5.99 and very thick so I figured it’d make a good kimchi jar. Just was curious about the other magic uses of it lol :) Have my first batch of radish and napa kimchi in the jar. Tastes good.



    Sounds a lot like Japanese umeshu, and I would have figured it was for something of the sort given the notoriety of Bacchus as a wine god. I’m curious as to where one would find these, they seem very useful.


    I found it at an H mart in NJ :) Next time I go I’ll need to get another. Very useful size and quality.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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