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      Recently, I made delicious pancakes using only flour, water, salt, dashida and shredded baechu/napa cabbage/wong bak, and some green chili peppers.

      This happened because I wanted to make a pancake but only had baechu to use. They were so good. It might be a favorite flavor of mine.

      But I wonder. I’ve never seen baechu jeon made in korean cooking. Is this food very untraditional to Koreans or maybe I don’t know enough about Korean food?

      Does anyone with korean food knowledge know if baechu is ever used for pancakes in traditional cooking?

      I what to guess that maybe this would be an unpopular choice for pancake because baechu kimchi is such an important staple. Maybe baechu jeon with baechu kimchi is too much baechu for one meal, so it’s unpopular.

      I ask because I think they’re delicious and wonder why I’ve never seen/hear about them.

      Cheers all!

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      yes, baechu pancake (baechujeon) exists in Korean cuisine and it’s delicious! When you make kimchi, you will salt the cabbage. When it’s salted, you can make baechujeon. Chop it up or use each leaf and make pancake.

      Check out my kimchi jeon recipe.

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      Thanks Maangchi,

      I’ll make this next time I make kimchi.

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