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      Hello, everyone!

      I have a question about the bean sprout soup recipe that Maangchi provided. I’ve never tried the bean sprout soup before (I think I definitely will next time I’m in a Korean place) but it looked delicious in Maangchi’s video so I decided to give it a try. However, the smell of the dried anchovies was extremely pungent and permeated my whole kitchen. I thought it wouldn’t really bother me in the soup, but somehow all I could taste in the soup was the fishy aftertaste (adding more hot pepper powder or salt didn’t help of course). I only used less than a handful, so I don’t think the amount was the problem. Is the fishy aftertaste normal and I’m just being picky about it or did I perhaps use the wrong sort of anchovies? (The package I used reads “kibango anchovies”, I’m assuming that’s a brand). What do you guys say? Thank you for any help :)

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      I find that this soup can be fishy too if not prepared correctly, but if you follow Maangchi’s recipe correctly, it should taste fine. The most important thing is to put the bean sprouts in the pot along with cold water, put on the lid, and keep it closed throughout the boiling process until it is cooked. If you dont cover it throughout the entire heating process, the soup tends to taste fishy. Also, the roasted flavor of sesame does an excellent job of cutting fishiness, so its important to use well roasted and crushed sesame seeds as well as sesame oil. Hope that helps!

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      Thank you Mikura! That was really helpful.

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