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    Hi, I am based in Dubai and can’t find the Korean beansprouts as per your Bibimbap recipe. Can I use the local beansprouts instead or is there any recommendation for substitute?





    How about using “mung bean sprouts”? I think you can get it any grocery store. If you can’t find it, I recommend using mushrooms. Anybody has a better idea?



    Shivonne/Maangchi, I am familiar with both traditional bean sprouts and “Korean bean sprouts”. I believe the Korean ones are pronounced ‘koo-numer’. Am I correct Maangchi? I don’t find a lot of difference in taste, however, the Korean ones have a larger bean attached which is usually hard to digest. I think Korean’s usually remove the bean but not sure. It’s crunchy yah? Anyway’s, I would think the traditional bean sprout would be a better substitute for Korean beansprout than mushrooms but I love mushrooms and you should add them to any dish as there are so many varieties and one should be just right for the dish you are preparing. As a side note, Korean bean sprouts, I find taste a little fishy if eaten raw, where as regular ones do not. “OK bye, see you next time.” Maangchi…this is my first post. I will introduce myself later but I love your cooking vids. Is this something you do strictly for pleasure? I have tried several of your recipes and my Korean wife says “I am out doing her”. Keep the recipes coming. Also, I will post in your “Recipe Request”, but do you know about a recipe called kam-pun-gee?

    Com-sa-hamn-ita and eat well!

    Mike Ruller




    Thank you for your pleasant message!

    Your question “I believe the Korean ones are pronounced ‘koo-numer’. Am I correct Maangchi?”,

    My answer, “yes, almost close! Kongnamul”

    The recipe for soybean sprouts side dish is shown in the video of “kimchi stew” at

    I will update the written recipe soon.

    Soybean sprouts are eaten never raw. When you cook it, you will have to close the lid, Otherwise, as you said, it will smell “fishy”. : )

    yes, kanpunggie is already included in the list of my upcoming video recipes.

    Thank you very much!

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