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    Hello from Jacksonville Florida !! I Love cooking and wanted to make a show Like some of the Older Foodtv Network Shows (featuring foods from ALL around the world) —but wanted to cook in my Home kitchen (friend and family style).

    Job downsizing ended my 15 year “call center” job and future attempts to attain such a job. so i shifted towards restaurants for work in 2004 . Bad choice since I actually DID Love to cook !!(You would have to work in a restuarant to fully understand)! My early videos on Youtube were made while I worked at a fast food restaurant and since my Aunt and Uncle gave me a nice camera for Christmas , I decided to Make “My own Show” (as Emerill Lagasse says) Hehe !! Then I discovered Maangchi making squid Video –(I loved watching it) but i couldnt afford to make.I eventually made videos to show Maangchi what recipes I DID make , (even though i had trouble making a decent video) Now I have a wonderful job in major retail store and am Happier than Ever and I almost always eat Korean food !!(Maangchi really saved me) I still love cheese pizza with thin crust (New York style) –but other than that I love my Kimchi and Barley Rice. I like to try more Asian food because of the Health Benefits and cost is better.I am Always Open to New Flavors . The only Flavor I have trouble with is beef liver— but i am always open to Anything New !!

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