can you use table (iodized) salt to make kimchi?

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    normal table salt (morton’s iodized) is the only type of salt i have. I’ve heard if you use table salt the kimchi will spoil

    some people say you can only use sea salt or kosher salt?

    :( can anyone clarify? thanks




    Table salt contains iodine and an anti caking agent. Iodine can react with some foods and some people complain that it interferes with fermentation. It also changes the colour of food and causes brine to go cloudy. It is better to use pickling salt or kosher salt or sea salt.

    Here is an example of someone who used iodized table salt for kimchi, it didn’t ferment.

    2. No iodized salt, please. I learned this in very hard way. Somehow when I made Kimchi with iodized salt, it ruined fermentation.

    • Do not use table salt for pickling and canning. The additives can darken the pickles and affect fermentation. Use pickling salt for best results.



    I used iodized salt in my kimchi that’s just about done, and I’m giving it 12 more hours. It’s still fermenting and it using ioidized salt does work. I guess you just have to rinse everything well.

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