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    In 1994 and 1995 I lived in Korea en really enjoyed the Korean food. After returning home I tried to prepare Korean food here in Belgium. But finding the ingredients wasn’t that easy. Fortunately I discovered a Korean online-shop in Germany where I can order all kinds of Korean stuff and within the week it is delivered at my front-door. Above that I discovered maangchi on the internet. Nothing’s stopping me now to eat more Korean food ;-)…



    Oh by the way, I love most of Korean food so it’s hard to pick my number one favourite. However there’s one thing I can’t stand the smell of. The “kolbaengi” that is sold on the streetside. I really detest the smell… Imagine having to eat it!!!!!




    ooh hee! You created your own topic here, gratz!

    Please give us the online shop address if you think it’s reliable store. : ) You did not like the street food “kolbaengi”? I think you are talking about “bundaegi” which is steamed silkworms. I never like it, either. Disgusting!

    Kolbaengi is shellfish and it doesn’t have a smell. (It’s just innocent shellfish like clams) lol Kolbaengi is usually sold in a can just like a can of tuna. I have a good recipe for kolbaengi (or golbaengi: 골뱅이 in Korean). I am going to post the recipe on my blog. ok, I am showing you the difference between golbaengi and bundaegi here.





    If these 2 are not the one you talked about, it may be another kind of street food “godong”(shellfish)


    (left side food is godong and the right side is bundaegi)



    Sorry, I wanted to add this one under the “wanna introduce yourself” section. Somehow I messed up. Sorry.

    Indeed I meant bundaegi. It’s been too long since I’ve been to Korea and I mixed them up. I miss Korea, well, except for the bundaegi smell ;-).



    @kurt: you can also find Korean ingredients at Sun Wah (Ghent / Antwerp) :-)




    I know that Sun-Wah in Antwerp has some Korean food and ingredients. But in Overijsse (near Brussels) there is a nice Korean shop (selling some Japanese products as well). It is located on the Brusselsesteenweg next to the Mac Donalds. I used to go there, but it’s more than one hour drive for me. The online store is more convenient for me and cheaper as well.



    Kurt, what is the address to the online store? I live in Stuttgart and I am very limited on Korean food shopping. My mother has to send them to me from the states! I would like to find a good online store too.



    Hi! Sorry for the late reply but here is the answer:


    They recently installed an English translation. The delivery service has always been perfect to me. Good luck.

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