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      Many do not know that adobo is actually a Spanish term for marinade or seasoning. Most Filipinos associate this name to a dish and it is one of their most-loved dishes. The main ingredient which is the chicken can be replaced with pork (if you would want this type of meat). There wouldn’t be any changes on the ingredients and the procedure of cooking if you opted to use pork for your dish.


      1 Kilo of Chicken (Adobo cut)

      1 clove of garlic

      1 big onion

      2 bay leaves

      5 tbsps. of lauric/canola oil

      Approx. 5 tbsps. of soy sauce

      Approx. 3 tbsps. of vinegar

      A dash of salt

      A dash of ground pepper


      1. Heat canola oil in pan. You could also use lauric oil for this dish.

      2. Saute the garlic and onion. Make sure that the garlic is slightly brown before you proceed to the next step.

      3. Add the chicken (or pork) and wait for the pinkish color of the meat to disappear then add the bay leaves. Stir the ingredients a little before adding in the seasoning.

      4. Season with soy sauce, vinegar, and salt (you can add according to your taste). If you want your adobo to have a sweet and sour blend, just throw in a dash of brown sugar to sweeten.

      5. Add a dash of pepper then cover until meat is tender. A good way to test if the meat is tender is to prick it with a toothpick or fork.

      6. Simmer for about 10 minutes and voila! you have a special adobo to serve to your family.

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      Maangchi would you please cook chicken adobo on your own way. I really appreciate the way you innovate some dish. More Power and Godspeed.

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